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Taiwan Glass x Naoto Fukasawa

Jointly establishing the brand 『TG』

Exuding the gentle warmth of Taiwanese cultural landscape.

Since 1964, TAIWAN GLASS has been representing the Taiwanese glass industry, providing quality glass products around the world. Accumulating 55 years of craftsmanship, knowledge, and energy, President Lin P. S. and his wife Hsu Li Lin believed that Taiwan should have its own brand of quality glassware. Hence, with the aim of “Made in Taiwan, known to the world”, TAIWAN GLASS collaborates with internationally renowned product designer Naoto Fukasawa in establishing a new brand of tableware/home decoration-TG.


When founding TG, Mr. Fukasawa asked “what would this brand convey to the world?” President Lin P. S. wishes that TG would capture the essence of Taiwanese hospitality and introduce Taiwan as a warm and loving land. Through his observation of the people, the life and culture in Taiwan, Mr. Fukasawa infused “cordiality, warmth, authenticity”, characters that are unique to the Taiwanese people, into his design; he said “If I were to translate this gentle, modest and courteous impression of Taiwan, it would be a mild U curve, this will be the defining contour of all TG items, for now and the future.” 


Mr. Fukasawa transformed abstract feelings into forms and shapes; through the rounded curves, when people hold the vessel, their hearts and hands receive the warmth embedded within, this is the characteristic that Mr. Fukasawa molded for TG. Combining his design with TAIWAN GLASS’s heat-resistant glass technique, TG has published series including AQUA, COFFEE, TABLEWARE, WINE, DECORATION, TEA, a total of 78 items.


TG’s first store, TG Mart, is located at Xuexue Taste Lab, Taipei, displaying all TG products; fusing the restaurant’s goal of exploring local ingredients with the brand’s Taiwanese spirit.